January 4, 2024

What can Automedia AS do for YOU?

As a private person: Automedia AS has extensive experience on most models and can give you recommendations and offers on the car that suits your needs. We have tested many models and know which cars can be delivered when you need it.

As a business customer: We have our own person who only works with these models. There, our experience can help you find the right car that can be delivered. AM often has cars on order so that we can deliver earlier than others. Our experience saves your company a lot of time and frustration.

With us, you get a dedicated Fleet Manager who can give you offers on all the car brands offered in Norway.

Get insurance included in the leasing for NOK 790 per months ‍

We are happy to create packages with total car maintenance included, regardless of whether it concerns private leasing or leasing a company car.

Some advantages of our insurance and service

  • Favorable total price
  • Good control
  • Comprehensive insurance (Tryg)
  • No bonus loss in the event of an accident
  • No age restrictions
  • Take service where you want No km limit, same price no matter how far you drive

Which car makes and models do we offer?

Automedia AS has negotiated agreements for many car brands. We can therefore offer very favorable prices on many models regardless of whether you want to buy or lease a car. We basically offer all models from the following car brands:

Audi - BMW - BYD - Citroën - DS - Fiat - Ford - Hongqi - Hyundai  - Jeep - Kia - Maxus - Mazda - Mercedes - MG - Mini - Mitsubishi - NIO - Nissan - Opel - Peugeot - Polestar - Renault - Skoda - Suzuki - Tesla - Toyota - Volkswagen - Volvo - Xpeng

In principle, we can say that we offer ALL car brands and models

Automedia AS has negotiated agreements with several recognized car brands in order to be able to offer our customers the best prices and terms when they privately lease a car.

We have close cooperation with a number of car manufacturers and dealers, which gives us the opportunity to secure good deals on a wide range of car brands. Whether you are looking for a premium car such as BMW or Mercedes-Benz, an environmentally friendly electric car such as Tesla or Nissan, or a practical and reliable family car such as Volkswagen or Toyota, we can help you find the right car at the right price.

Our experienced team works to ensure that our customers get the best deals and offers when they privately lease and car through us. We welcome your preferences and wishes, and will work with you to find the ideal car that suits your needs.

Contact us today to get more information about our deals and offers on various car brands.

We would like to help you find your dream car at a competitive price.

Mattias Spångberg

Fleet manager/Bedrift

Mobil:  (+47) 41 45 39 38